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In the family we have had different experiences. My big daughter sleeps much better and so does my partner. My little daughter and I had a headache at the beginning, it loosened up a bit, we had to cry. After two days, everyone felt better. The SYKK has a calming effect on all of us. There is such a fine, peaceful atmosphere at home.

Tanja F.

In the practice of my therapist I got to know the Sykk. Right from the beginning I felt a tingling sensation throughout my body. I felt that I could see everything more clearly and think better. The mucus in my sinuses dissolved. Now I have SYKK at home and I can clearly feel that it continues to work on me. Due to Lyme disease, I had pain in my right hand. It swelled very much, I could not even pick up anything. After three days the swelling had gone down. I feel much better.

Frieda H.

Normally, I do not believe in such frequency therapies at all. Surprisingly, after I had set up and aligned the SYKK, I immediately felt something. An inner peace returned to me. Later I noticed that my blood pressure, which was always too high, even though I do a lot of sports, had regulated to a value of 115 to 70. I am thrilled.

Christian T.

I suffered from depression and burnout for years. Since I have SYKK Family, I have become much calmer, calmer and more relaxed. My negative thought carousel has stopped and I was able to stop taking my medication.

Heiner S.

I live on the 8th floor of a ten-story high-rise building, and the noise and shouting from the neighbors was always really annoying. Since I've had the energy dispenser, there are hardly any fights in the house. The children have also become much quieter. Unbelievable ...

Judith K.

My migraine pain disappeared very quickly with the SYKK and I can now also sleep really deeply again. The device is like a godsend for me.

Eva-Maria M.

I can go much deeper into relaxation while meditating and am connected much faster with the spiritual world. For me SYKK is something like a cosmic energy source. The device obviously provides divine order and peaceful mood at home in my eyes.

Verena Z.

I suffered from electrosensitivity for years and really holed myself up at home - today I can leave my apartment without any problems, the Regulator seems to have built up a protective suit against the omnipresent electrosmog with me.

Erich W.

I did bloodletting and my blood values were really bad. I put a SYKK Family in my living room and after three weeks I did bloodletting again. Surprise: the blood flowed better and released more toxins. Everything came back in order.

Waltraud B.

Before, I could hardly get out of bed in the morning and I felt tired and exhausted during the day. Now I wake up with positive thoughts and feel a tremendous drive in me again.

Walter L.

My 94 year old father lives with me and my family in our house. Every night he would get up and walk around the house so we could all hear his footsteps. Since we have the Sykk device in the house, my father sleeps all night long and feels rested in the morning.

Anita H.

We have a little Maltese bitch. She likes to lie next to me on the sofa. But as soon as I picked up the cell phone to make a call, she jumped up and left the room. Since we have the SYKK, she lies relaxed next to me on the sofa, even though I am on the phone.

Karl-Heinz, Berlin

My little daughter Ronja, 4 years old, had frequent abdominal pain and no doctor and no therapy could help us. We were already really desperate. Since we have the SYKK at home, her stomach pains are gone and have not come back in the four months we have had the SYKK.

Daniela S., Graz

I also have three cats living in my house. At the beginning, when I received the SYKK, immediately after setting it up, one cat declared this as his favorite place. The other two cats walked around it in some distance. In the meantime, my cats take turns to decide who will be the next to sit on the SYKK. 

Nicole, Karlsruhe

I had burned the instep of my right foot badly overnight on a hot water bottle. It was bad, the wound just would not heal. It watered and just would not close. After a short time in the field of the Sykk device, the wound dried and later opened again briefly. Some secretion liquid came out. After that, the wound closed quickly and my foot healed completely.

Carina G.

Every month I suffered from severe menstrual pain. Since I have the Sykk device at home, my period pain has disappeared.

Sandra A.

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Your personal contact person:

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