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SYKK Cell Phone Shield Case

In conversations with our customers, the subject of "cell phone alarm clocks" comes up from time to time. People who use their cell phone as an alarm clock and leave it on their bedside table all night are exposed to enormous electrosmog.

Our SYKK - cell phone shielding bag protects from these rays.

According to the principle of the Faraday cage, the cell phone is completely shielded against electromagnetic signals in the rear extra pocket.
Cell phones can no longer be called or located immediately after the pocket is closed. There is then immediately no more communication with the outside.

The alarm function is not interrupted because the clock continues to run. The SYKK cell phone shielding case therefore offers wonderful EMF protection and supports our healthy sleep.

70% polyester 30% shielding fabric

Inside: Width approx. 18.0 cm, height approx. 9.5 cm
Outside: width approx. 19.5 cm, height approx. 11 cm

Protection from cell phone tracking
Protect your privacy

Complete signal shielding. A special fabric blocks GPRS, GSM, GPS, 4G and 5G cell phone connections, protecting you from being tracked outside your home. Credit and ID cards cannot be read and GPS signals cannot be received.
Multifunctional use: also protects your electronic vehicle keys, credit cards, bank cards, ID cards, etc.
Contains two compartments: the rear one is the protected compartment, in the front one you can store cash or other personal items, for example.
Protects your health from harmful radiation. Highly recommended for pregnant women and in contact with small children.