Bovis analysis

Measurement protocol

to determine the energetic effectiveness of the room harmonizer type SYKK Family from SYKK using a radionic method from BIORES, Dresden, Germany.

Measuring method

The BIORES radionics system is used to determine subtle resonances of the state of animate and inanimate objects; among other things, bovis units (BE) of rooms can be determined with this method.

Measurement setup

The BIORES radionics system was used to measure the Bovis units (BE) before the room harmonizer was set up and during the following 11 days. The measurement took place at the same time of day with unchanged measurement arrangement in order to obtain comparable results. The room harmonizer was installed in a common home in

Brick construction with average radio wave exposure and set up according to SYKK specifications.

Measurement results

Interpretation of the measurement results

The room harmonizer increased the BE in the test environment from 5,000 to 15,900 within the first 24 h after set-up, whereby dips that presumably occurred due to external disturbances were compensated for in a short time. 

Below 6000 BE: Energy depriving
16 %
6500 BE: (Neutral value/healthy person)
50 %
Above 6.500 BE (Energy giving)
100 %

What are Bovis units and what are they used for?

Bovis units are a unit of measurement for life energy (also known as prana or chi). The origin of this value lies in the research of a scientist, after whose name this value was named. The Frenchman Alfred Bovis was a physicist and lived from 1871 to 1947. Thanks to the research of Bovis, today it is possible to record in values the life energy, which for a long time was presented as unproven.

Great importance has the representation of the life energy of food, remedies, water and of course the vital radiation in humans themselves. It is important, for example, to measure the Bovis units of substances or fields with which our body comes into contact in order to get a picture of the influences they have on our body.

Bovis values and health

One can draw conclusions about the health of a person on the basis of the body bovis units. Just as with humans, it is possible to test other organisms, objects, substances and places to see if they give or take away energy, and thus are detrimental or beneficial to the health of each individual. The standard Bovis value of a healthy average person is between 7,000 and 10,000 Bovis units.