Questions and answers

Should the device always face exactly south?

Yes, absolutely, the Sykk Family is fed by the earth's magnetic field energy and thus maintains itself, so to speak.

Can I put it in the bedroom as well?

In principle, yes, but it may be that the energy for sleeping is too high for you, so the installation of the device in the sleeping rooms should be avoided at first.

Does the device need direct sunlight?

No, the exact orientation to the south is enough.

Is there a distance to be observed to a power source?

No, but there should be a distance to the wall.
The Sykk should not be placed on an electrically operated

Does the device need a certain room temperature?

It was developed for indoor use, so it copes well with temperatures from 4 to 40 degrees Celsius.

How far is the effect felt?

The field of life energy continues to build up. At the beginning in your living rooms, later also in the closer environment and garden.

Can I take the Sykk with me on vacation?

Yes with pleasure, for car trips the SYKK is very well and safely transportable in the included transport box.

Do the Bovis values remain constant?

The values continue to build over time.

How quickly do the blood values improve?

Measurements have shown that blood values improve enormously within just one to two hours spent in the field of the device.

How long does the protection last after I leave the house?

If you are out of the house for the day, you still have enough protection built up.

Can the device be installed in damp rooms?

As our appliances are made of untreated wood, it is not advisable to set up the Sykk Family in damp rooms.

Is it good to put something on the device, like water or food?

No, the device should always be free and uncovered. Everything that is in the energy field of the device will be informed.

How does the device affect young children?

Our experience has shown that children generally respond very well to these energies. They become calmer and more balanced.

If I take the device to the practice every day and take it home again in the evening, does the energy field build up properly at all?

Yes, we definitely achieve an effect, the radius is just not that big.

Do animals also benefit from the device?

Yes absolutely, the field of life energy is also very beneficial for animals and plants.