Amulet application

SYKK Amulet

SYKK Amulet is a unique piece of jewelry with a special language of light. 

Kinesiologist and well-known therapist Judith Kapros reports on her experiences with the SYKK amulet:
"My mind has become even more alert and active. I feel calmer and more emotionally balanced. I feel more energy. Electrosmog no longer has such a strong effect on my energetic system. I feel better and stronger overall."

The effect of the SYKK amulet at a glance:

represents the universal link between heaven and earth, between creator and human being gives us strength and energy, brings light into our body, mind and soul levels connects us with the 5 elements; fire, earth, water, air and ether reverses stressful vibrations brings us into harmony and promotes the flow of energy in the body supports us on the way to a new, peaceful and joyful reality of life.

The logo and the symbolism associated with it give the amulet its power. The additional energization its all-encompassing effect.

Measured Bovis valueBuilding up to approx. 18,200

SYKK amulet 925 sterling silver 24 carat gold-plated

Diameter 3.5 cm for men
Diameter 2.5 cm for women and children