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The SYKK FAMILY creates a unique frequency and oscillation field in your home - the immune system can regulate itself and your self-healing powers can get going. Weaknesses in the physical, mental and emotional areas can be quickly balanced out.
The high-energy SYKK immune modulator creates a harmonious atmosphere in the living area and generates a permanent, light-filled field of pure life energy: THE helper in the transition to the New Age!

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A compass for emotional transformation and spiritual growth | QS24

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SYKK Amulet is a unique piece of jewelry with a special language of light.

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Analysis, evaluation

We had the effect of SYKK FAMILY on the blood examined using dark-field microscopy.
Heart rate variability - the measure of health. Heart rate variability (HRV) is a measure of the overall adaptability ...
The room harmonizer increased the BE in the test environment from 5,000 to 15,900 within the first 24 hours after installation [...].


Heiner S.
I suffered from depression and burnout for years. Since I started SYKK Family , I have become much calmer and more relaxed. My negative carousel of thoughts has stopped and I was able to stop taking my medication.
Heiner S.
I live on the 8th floor of a ten-story high-rise building, and the noise and shouting from the neighbors was always really annoying. Since I've had the energy dispenser, there are hardly any fights in the house. The children have also become much quieter. Unbelievable ...
Judith K.
Frieda H.
In the practice of my therapist I got to know the Sykk. Right from the beginning I felt a tingling sensation throughout my body. I felt that I could see everything more clearly and think better. The mucus in my sinuses dissolved. Now I have SYKK at home and I can clearly feel that it continues to work on me. Due to Lyme disease, I had pain in my right hand. It swelled very much, I could not even pick up anything. After three days the swelling had gone down. I feel much better.
Frieda H.
Interview on QS24 health television
Pure magic: SYKK delights music lovers
Seminar by Judith Fabijenna Kapros. March 1 to 3, 2024.
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SYKK FAMILY Provides pure life energy