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Partner events

StartEndPartnerTitlePlace / OnlineMore information
2022-11-042022-11-06Katrin MögelTraining "Soul LightsOnlineLink
2022-11-042022-11-06Judith Fabijenna KaprosRejection of corona vaccination and to protect against the shedding phenomenon.lower village road 59, 01744 DippoldiswaldeLink
2023-01-112023-01-15Dr. Hans Hein, Norbert Muiggvision winter camp 2023Parkhotel Schillerhain Kirchheim BolandenLink
2022-10-252022-10-25Cornelia Mara WalderNew moon fire ceremonyParkhotel Schillerhain Kirchheim BolandenLink
2022-11-122022-11-12Christian Gianjot RammelGong and sound experienceYoga room FeldkirchenLink
2022-11-062022-11-06Cornelia Mara WalderWomen's healing circlePractice in Himmelberg
2022-11-042022-11-06Katrin MögelTraining soul lightsDorfhain and Tharandt ForestLink
2022-10-152022-10-15Daniela SchweigerPower station for momsRaaba-Grambach, Main Street 55, 8074 GrambachLink
2022-11-182022-11-18Ingomar W. SchwelzLecture Energy Medicine for the New EraMaiDo Café Dietrich-Heßmer-Platz 11, 01979 LauchhammerLink
2022-11-162022-11-16Ingomar W. SchwelzLecture Energy Medicine for the New EraEating bar FreitalLink
2023-03-302023-04-02Judith Fabijenna KaprosRejection of corona vaccination, long covid & to protect against the shedding phenomenon.Yoga center and practice, CologneLink
2023-03-032023-03-05Judith Fabijenna KaprosWellness for body and soulTheBodyExperts practice - Hauptstraße 19., 01097 DresdenLink
2023-09-252023-09-28Judith Fabijenna KaprosEnergetic release of patterns and imprints on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.Health Center, Mühlgasse 7, 83646 Bad Tölz, GermanyLink
2024-03-012024-03-03Judith Fabijenna KaprosWellness for body and soulTheBodyExperts, Hauptstraße 19, 01097 DresdenLink